Nata Y Limón is the modern story of premium design and ancient Mayan culture — honouring hands, minds and hearts. We believe in connecting worlds through appreciation, story and design. We also believe in preserving craft, indigenous culture & diversity through the art of weaving, ancient Mayan wisdom and the empowerment of women.

We provide an alternative for people who question the status quo and like to surround themselves with special things. A fusion of ancient Mayan tradition, timeless design and mutual respect gives our unique woven pieces beauty and soul.


We partner with skilled Mayan weavers in Guatemala to develop hand-woven premium fabrics for interior and fashion. By setting new standards within the artisan & craft industry and transforming the art of weaving into a stable source of income, we are creating long-lasting positive impact for indigenous women, their families and essentially generations to come.

Through a continuous production of our hand-woven unique pieces we enable our talented weavers and tailors to earn a fair monthly income.


We believe that big changes are possible if the majority of people are aware of it.


Celebrating women of all worlds 

We celebrate women as creators of life and driving force within the family.



We honor indigenous people and their ancient cultures and treat them with greatest respect.



We honor indigenous people and their ancient cultures and treat them with greatest respect.



We believe in a reality of peaceful coexistence in which we put similarities above differences.

How it all started

When we shared a large pizza Margherita and wine in Granada, Nicaragua, on November 25th, we had already spent eventful months marked by a search for meaning, a thirst for adventure and reorientation.Now we were sitting comfortably together in the heart of the American continent, listening to each other's stories with joy and interest. In 2015, we were drawn to Central America to support various NGOs in Guatemala and Costa Rica as volunteers and to gain experience outside the usual corporate world.

By that time, it was out of our imagination that this evening would bring us together for an even longer trip. It was the birth of Nata Y Limón. Since that evening, our ideas and thoughts have been complementing and multiplying each other within our common vision for more humanity in this world.



Heroine of Creation


Heroine of Creation


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The most magical event on earth is birth. All people once went through this miracle of nature and all people were once born by a woman. Women first give life and then spend a large part of their own lives with the devoted, often selfless care of their children. They invest not only their time, strength and love in their families, but also the financial means at their disposal.

However, the current reality shows that the majority of all people living in poverty are women, they often have children early , receive hardly any school education and still have to summon up a lot of energy for gender equality. Our question therefore is: How can the human family as a whole thrive if discrimination, exclusion and oppression of women worldwide is still part of everyday life?

It is time to strengthen the female principles and to balance a world dominated by the mind with more love, inner connection, feeling and empathy. The well being of women contributes greatly to a healthy and happy family. We firmly believe that when we women raise our voices for one another, we contribute to the healing of the human family as a whole and strengthen it for generations to come.



Guatemala is a land full of colours, symbols and patterns. A country with an impressive cultural heritage of the ancient Mayas and a deeply moving history. The descendants of the former Maya make up about half of all Guatemalans today. They live isolated from the rest of society, mostly in rural areas without any infrastructure. Work is scarce and poverty is common for about 80% of the indigenous population. Eight out of ten children suffer from chronic malnutrition and the desire for better living conditions causes many families to attempt “illegal” migration to the USA.

Between 350 and 440 million people worldwide belong to around 6,000 indigenous people. To this day they are still experiencing the consequences of historical colonisation. Their way of life is not yet seen as equal to national societies. Therefore, the international recognition of the human rights of indigenous societies and their participation in social, economic and political questions is long overdue.

Their perspective on life, knowledge and spiritual traditions of living in harmony with Mother Earth as well as their commitment to the protection of the rainforests and the preservation of biodiversity are needed today more than ever.



We as humans might look differently, believe in different things and live different traditions. However, no matter how great the distance may seem, we all have one thing in common: we are part of one human family, and each member of our family is precious.

The roots of discrimination based on background, appearance, gender, sexual orientation and lifestyle have their origins in constructed and antiquated beliefs. In times of early European colonization they justified the oppression of indigenous peoples, slavery, violence, exploitation and oppression. One reason why we have brought Nata Y Limón to life.

We believe in the evolution of individual and collective human consciousness as the basis for positive change and that we can establish a sensitive and empathetic approach as the new norm. Peace and freedom are achieved when we as a human family stand up for one another, discard the judging of our differences and treat one another as we would like to be treated ourselves.